Organic superfat shower gels

Made in the heart of Provence, our natural shower gels will bring you softness after each use. Designed from aromatic scents, our shower gels with unique textures are created from natural materials. For impeccable personal hygiene, discover our range of certified organic superfat shower gel straight from the South of France.

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In order to adapt perfectly to your skin, Nature & Senteurs has developed superfat shower gels with multiple benefits. Thanks to its fatty body, Nature & Senteurs shower gel will deeply remove impurities accumulated throughout the day, even the least visible. Practical, the organic surgras shower gel in family format will easily find the place in your bathroom. Organic and natural ingredients for unique fragrances!

What is a superfat shower gel?

When a shower gel is superfat, it means that a fat has been added after chemical reaction. This fat has been preserved in order to bring the most property.

Why use a superfat shower gel?

Some skins are more sensitive than others. In order not to cause more drying out and to cope with this discomfort, it is necessary to choose your soap well. Indeed, a shower gel not adapted to the pH too different from your physiological pH forces your skin to restore this gap by causing it to dry out. The neutral pH of the superfat shower gel is also skin-friendly. Organic superfat shower gel will gently cleanse your skin while protecting and moisturizing it. Thanks to its greasy body, it will make your skin more beautiful and softer. In addition, it will leave a protective film to prevent drying effects. This organic liquid soap is recommended for dry skin and sensitive skin. It is still a beneficial product for all skin types!

Which superfat shower gel to choose?

Nature & Senteurs offers a range of natural shower gels with many virtues.

  • The organic hypoallergenic surgras shower gel without perfume: it is suitable for all skin types, even the most delicate.
  • The organic surgras shower gel enriched with Argan vegetable oil and organic sweet orange essential oil. It is suitable for very dry and mixed dry skin that wants more flexibility.
  • The organic surgras shower gel enriched with olive vegetable oil and organic rosemary essential oil. This shower gel is suitable for dry, very dry and combination skin that wants good hydration.
  • The organic surgras shower gel enriched with Aloe vera hibiscus: it is suitable for dry, very dry and combination skin. Aloe Vera is a plant known for its softening, moisturizing properties and refreshing fragrance.

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