Fresh water

Infuse freshness and vitality throughout the day with natural fresh water. It is ideal for those who want to perfume themselves at will, without being too much. Nature & Senteurs has developed its range with fragrances as soft as they are light.

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Made in Provence, our fresh waters are composed of natural essences and toning trace elements. Thanks to their freshness and sparkle, these fragrances are perfectly suited to summer days. It is from the second half of the twentieth century that colognes give inspiration to fresh waters. The latter are slightly more concentrated in alcohol (70%) and essential oils (3 to 5%) than Cologne. Made in France, our natural fresh waters are as suitable for both men and women.

Angelic Tulip perfume, cherry blossom perfume, woody orange perfume... Light olfactory notes, subtly vegetal and fruity for an escape of freshness.

How to perfume?

Every morning, come and place the fresh water in your neck, on your wrists and behind your ears. It is very pleasant to wear in summer or spring. It can also very well be used throughout the year.

Eau fraîche tulipe angélique 30ml
Eau fraîche fleur de cerisier 30ml
Eau fraîche boisé d'orange 30ml
Eau fraîche gingembre bleu 30ml