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    Early pregnancy test

    • Reliable early pregnancy test.
    • 5 days before the expected date of the period.
    • 10 mIU/mL hCG.
    • Quick result.

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    Pharmacy early pregnancy test: reliable and accurate results.

    The Precitech brand early pregnancy test is an early pregnancy test intended for self-diagnosis. It is very easy to use, reliable and fast. Its sensitivity (10mIU/mL) allows use from 5 days before the expected date of the period (i.e. 6 days before a late period). In just 3 minutes you can know the result. Its display is clear: 2 lines: you are pregnant, 1 line: you are not.

    Put an end to your doubts with the pharmacy early pregnancy test . Also discover the easy urine pregnancy test !

    When to take a pregnancy test?

    Not all tests have the same sensitivity to the HCG hormone. This 10mlU/mL home pregnancy test detects pregnancy before menstruation. You will be able to do it 5 days after their arrival. It is recommended to do this urine test in the morning when you get up.

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    Precitech accompanies you on a daily basis with measuring accessories: pharmacy tensiometer , pharmacy thermometer .

    Usage tips

    • Read the instructions for use before use.
    • Prefer the test during morning urine prayers.
    • Open the foil pouch and remove the test cap.
    • Place the absorbent end (pointing down) under your urine stream.
    • Close the cap, place the test with the control window facing up.
    • Wait 3 minutes to read the result.
    • 2 lines = positive / 1 line = Negative or invalid (see instructions for use).
    • Disposable.

    Composition & Specifications

    • A sealed case, a pregnancy test, a desiccant sachet, instructions for use.
    • Sensitivity: 10mIU/mL

    Reliability rate of the pharmacy pregnancy test (after clinical study) :

    5 days before expected period: 76%.

    4 days before the expected date of the period: 96%.

    3 days before expected period: 99%.

    2 days before the expected date of the period: 99%.

    1 day before expected period: 99%.

    Day of the presumed date of the rules: 99%.

    1 day after the expected date of menstruation: 99%.

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