Multidistance reading glasses - VOLTAIRE

    • Multidistance magnifying glass bezel
    • To read and see net from 30 cm to 4 m
    • French technology
    • Box and case included
    • Available in 5 diopters

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    • D1.0
    • D1.5
    • D2.0
    • D2.5
    • D3.0
    • Ecaille
    • Bleu
    • Noir
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    Multidistance magnifying glass bezel: the solution for presbyopia

    Presbyopia is a natural phenomenon of aging of the eye that affects the majority of people from the age of 40. It results in a decrease in visual acuity in near vision. To compensate for this natural phenomenon and as soon as a vision discomfort is felt, you can opt from our wide choice of MULTIDISTANCE magnifying glasses.

    Multidistance lenses

    The French nanotechnology used to create these special lenses makes it possible to widen the fields of vision of near and intermediate. Indeed, the bottom of the glass allows, like a traditional magnifying glass, near vision (reading, computer screen, mobile phone, etc.) while the top of the glass offers a precise vision of subjects and objects located halfway (workspace, entourage, television, etc.), up to 4 meters. You can keep these glasses on the top of the nose, they do not leave you anymore!

    Comfort frame

    The new generation of magnifying glasses Horizane MULTIDISTANCE: opt for a trendy look with ultra-light and very comfortable frames. With these multidistance pre-assembled glasses, it is possible to read and see clearly from 30 centimeters to 4 meters, without tiring the lens: a new comfort for the eyes.

    Care tips

    The MULTIDISTANCE magnifying glasses are worn on the top of the nose, and thus allow to evolve comfortably in an environment without removing them incessantly (reading / computer / entourage).

    For optimal maintenance of your glasses, use our KITOPTIK, anti-fog and antistatic cleaning solution.

    Composition & Specifications

    All our magnifying glasses are CE certified (NF EN 14139: 2003): result of the requirement and expertise HORIZANE. When it compensates for presbyopia, the magnifying glass bezel is a class 1 medical device that justifies its CE marking since it meets very strict specifications. Its distribution obeys numerous control points that guarantee quality and safety.

    These checkpoints include:

    • the actual diopter and correct asymmetry of the glass
    • the quality of the coatings of the materials
    • the assembly of the lenses in the frame and their good centering.

    Model VOLTAIRE mixed rectangular shape, available in 5 diopters from +1.00 to +3.00 and in 3 colors: crystal black, crystal blue and brown scale. Metal hinge, flex branches, anti-scratch glasses.

    Optimal viewing comfort

    Optimal viewing comfort

    No more old magnifying glasses on the tip of the nose!

    No more old magnifying glasses on the tip of the nose!

    Reduces eye strain

    Reduces eye strain

    Trendy bezel

    Trendy bezel

    Exists nowhere else

    Exists nowhere else

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