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Magnetic reading glasses - FIDELIA rectangular

  • FIDELIA magnifying glass bezel magnetic branches
  • For a close vision
  • Rectangle mixed model
  • Box and case included
  • Diopters +1.00 to +3.50

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  • D1.0
  • D1.5
  • D2.0
  • D2.5
  • D3.0
  • D3.5
  • Bleu
  • Noir
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Magnetic magnifying glass bezel: the solution for presbyopia

Do you have difficulty reading, your near vision is blurred and you often lose your glasses? HORIZANE has the solution for you. With FIDELIA, you always keep your glasses on you. They are loyal to you, you no longer lose them!

Magnifying glasses

Presbyopia usually appears after 40 years and concerns only near vision. The lens loses its flexibility and no longer accommodates as well as before. Thanks to magnifying glasses, this phenomenon is easily compensated. The lenses of the HORIZANE magnifying glasses have a double anti-scratch treatment and are made of acrylic.

Magnetic branches

The FIDELIA frame, practical and lightweight, is a revolution in the field of magnifying glasses. It has a magnetic closure: FIDELIA glasses are closed at the end of the branches with a powerful magnet. You keep them around your neck, clip and unclip when you need them. No more falls and breakage, no need for cords or cords. The FIDELIA has a metal hinge and an internal flex, which makes it particularly resistant, flexible and easy to wear.

Care tips

Don't lose your glasses anymore! FIDELIA is loyal to you. Always keep it with you, within reach for all activities requiring visual effort such as reading, electricity, DIY, sewing, crafts, etc.

Do you want glasses of impeccable cleanliness? Our KITOPTIK range has been specially designed to allow you to clean your lenses gently. All our products are professional anti-fog and antistatic solutions. You see more clearly!

Composition & Specifications

FIDELIA reading glasses fromHORIZANE are available in different shapes and colors. This rectangle model is available in 2 two-color colors: black/red and blue/beige. FIDELIA also exists in round format in 2 colors: pastel pink and coral scale. Thanks to their lightness, you can wear them all day around the neck. Available in 6 diopters, from +1.00 to +3.50.

Magnifying glasses are type 1 medical devices and have the CE certification marking. Pre-assembled glasses HORIZANE are certified by the European standards for pre-assembled glasses for near vision with single-cell lenses (NF EN 14139: 2003).

Don't lose your glasses anymore

Don't lose your glasses anymore

Keep them around your neck

Keep them around your neck

Two-tone mixed model

Two-tone mixed model

Unbeatable price

Unbeatable price

Available in 6 diopters

Available in 6 diopters

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