Reading glasses 4 seasons - SWITCH

    • SWITCH magnifying glass bezel
    • For a close vision
    • With magnetic solar clip
    • Storage case included
    • Diopters +1.00 to +3.50

    I want to know my diopter.

    • D1.0
    • D1.5
    • D2.0
    • D2.5
    • D3.0
    • D3.5
    • Rouge
    • Ecaille
    • Gris
    • Taupe
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    4-season glasses: the solution for presbyopic patients

    Whether for reading or more generally to see up close, it often happens that magnifying glasses are used outdoors. Magnifying glasses with a removable solar clip are the perfect solution! They will guarantee you both a comfort of use and an excellent level of sun protection.

    Magnifying glasses with solar clip

    A normal process related to the aging of the eye, presbyopia gradually sets in around the age of 40. Over time, the lens thickens and loses its elasticity and ability to focus on the subjects being watched. Thanks to magnifying glasses, this natural phenomenon is easily compensated. The lenses of the HORIZANE magnifying glasses have a double anti-scratch treatment and are made of acrylic. The solar clip is equipped with a category 3 solar filter.

    Soft frame

    All pre-assembled glasses HORIZANE are equipped with materials that combine robustness and comfort. The SWITCH has a metal hinge and an integrated flex, which makes it flexible, flexible, and very pleasant to wear on the tip of the nose.

    Care tips

    You want to read outdoors but the brightness is too strong? The problem is solved with our SWITCH collection. You just have to add the magnetic solar clip to your mount, and you can use your pair outdoors for all activities that require sharp near vision.

    Do you want glasses of unparalleled transparency? Our KITOPTIK range has been specially designed for this. Clean your glasses lenses gently with our cleaning sprays and disinfectant wipes, professional anti-fog and antistatic solutions.

    Composition & Specifications

    the SWITCH magnifying glasses fromHORIZANE come with a magnetic solar clip adapted to the colors of the frame for use in all 4 seasons: practical and trendy! You can now use your magnifying glasses both indoors and outdoors. Available in 2 colors and 6 diopters, from +1.00 to +3.50.

    Magnifying glasses are type 1 medical devices and have the CE certification marking. Pre-assembled glasses HORIZANE are certified by the European standards for pre-assembled eyewear for near vision with single-cell lenses (NF EN 14139: 2003).

    To read indoors AND outdoors

    To read indoors AND outdoors

    Magnetic clip

    Magnetic clip

    Mixed models

    Mixed models

    Accessible price

    Accessible price

    Available in 6 diopters

    Available in 6 diopters

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