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    Solution for contact lenses - 400ml

    • Solution for soft contact lenses
    • Super moisturizer
    • Daily lens care
    • ECO format 400ml
    • Anti-bacterial case included

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    Vitalens : the solution for flexible contact lenses

    Proper lens care is essential for the health of your eyes. To preserve the quality of your lenses, decontamination and cleaning of your lenses must be done daily.

    VITALENS is the solution to clean and maintain your soft contact lenses on a daily basis. This lens product cleans, rinses, decontaminates, lubricates and moisturizes your contact lenses. Its composition enriched with hyaluronic acid allows sensitive eyes to withstand VITALENS very well. The most efficient elements have been chosen to get as close as possible to the natural composition of tears. This lens cleanser is suitable for all types of eyes.

    The 400ml ECO format of this lens solution allows you to never run out of lens products! The anti-bacterial case is supplied with the bottle and clips directly on it, never to lose it. This solution is also suitable for silicone hydrogel lenses.

    Discover also our moisturizer for dry eye to lubricate and moisturize your eyes!


    This contact lens product is a sterile medical device.

    Composition: Bisodium EDTA 0.1%, Sodium Hyaluronate 0.01%, Polyhexamethylene biguanide 0.0001%, produced up to 100% with excipients and purified water.

    Never touch the tip of the lens cleaner bottle and close it as soon as possible after use. If wearing the lenses causes persistent redness and tearing or loss of tearing, remove them and seek advice from an opthalmologist. Do not use the lens solution if you are allergic to any of the components. Do not use the vial if the safety ring is missing or broken. Once the VITALENScontact lens product bottle is opened, the liquid can be used for 3 months. It should be stored at room temperature. For use, do not exceed the date indicated on the vial.

    Directions for use

    VITALENS multifunction solution for flexible contact lens maintenance is recommended for hydration and maintenance of your lenses on a daily basis. It is suitable for sensitive eyes.

    1 Have both hands (palms and fingers) perfectly clean and dry.

    2. Once removed, put the lens in the palm of your hand and rinse it with the VITALENS lens product. Gently rub each side with the tip of the index finger for 10 seconds. Then rinse again.

    3. Fill the case -supplied- with solution and place the lens in the appropriate compartment. Make sure that the lenses are completely covered with liquid.

    4. Leave the lenses for at least 4 hours in the lens solution before using them again.

    5. Before using your lenses again, gently shake the case.

    6. The lenses are ready to be laid.

    7. Never reuse the solution, it should be discarded after use and the case should be rinsed.

    Multifunctional care solution for flexible contact lenses

    Multifunctional care solution for flexible contact lenses

    Daily use

    Daily use

    Cleanses, Rinses, Decontaminates, Lubricates and Moisturizes

    Cleanses, Rinses, Decontaminates, Lubricates and Moisturizes

    Gentle formula

    Gentle formula

    Ideal sensitive eyes

    Ideal sensitive eyes

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