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    Eye moisturizing eye drops

    Eye moisturizing eye drops - 15ml

    • Moisturizing eye drops for dry eye
    • For dry and irritated eyes
    • Based on hyaluronic acid and distilled waters of flowers
    • Compatible with contact lenses
    • Daily use

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    Hydrolarm : the moisturizing solution for the eyes

    Dry eye can be caused by many factors, such as wearing lenses, prolonged use of mobile phones or computers, pollution, allergies or air conditioning.

    HYDROLARM is a moisturizing eye drops,which will allow you to lubricate and rehydrate your dry or irritated eyes, for comfort and lasting relief.

    This eye lubricant comes in the form of a patented 15ml bottle with dosing valve. This innovative bottle allows a single drop to be poured per pressure. With HYDROLARM, it is you who decide the number of drops, not the bottle!

    This eye moisturizer is compatible with contact lenses.

    Its composition enriched with hyaluronic acid and distilled waters of chamomile and blueberry makes it a very comfortable product. This moisturizing eye drops are ideal for dry and sensitive eyes. This eye moisturizer will stabilize the natural lipid layer of the tear film of your eyes. Its use gives an immediate feeling of relief, freshness and well-being."


    This eye cleansing lotion is a sterile medical device.

    Composition: Sodium hyaluronate 0.2%

    Distilled water of chamomile, witch hazel, blueberry and euphraise 40%, disodium EDTA, borate buffer, sodium chloride, excipients and purified water up to 100%, PoliEsaMetilenBiguanide: 0.000246%

    This eye lubricant should be kept out of the reach and sight of children. Do not use after the expiry date. Use the product for the eyes only. Medical advice is recommended in the child. Children must be supervised by an adult. This moisturizing eye drops can be used 1 month after opening.

    Directions for use

    Here's how to use these dry eye drops HYDROLARM. The use of this eye drops is recommended in case of dryness or eye strain, burning sensation or tingling.

    1. Wash your hands before use.

    2. Tilt your head back, then gently squeeze the eye drops valve. Stick out 1 to 2 drops in each eye, or the number of drops recommended by your doctor.

    3. It is recommended to pour the drops into the outer corner of the eye, so that it is hydrated homogeneously.

    4. Blink to make sure the eye lubricant is well distributed.

    Your eyes are now hydrated and relieved!

    Dry and irritated eye drops

    Dry and irritated eye drops

    Easy dosing

    Easy dosing

    Use at will

    Use at will

    High concentration of hyaluronic acid

    High concentration of hyaluronic acid

    Lubricates and rehydrates

    Lubricates and rehydrates

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    Eye moisturizing eye drops
    Eye moisturizing eye drops

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