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Wax earplugs
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Wax earplugs

  • Wax earplugs.
  • Noise reduction: 28dB.
  • Very comfortable hearing protection.
  • Easy to use.
  • 2 reusable pairs.

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Wax hearing protection: the comfort solution

PLIC AUDIO earplugs fit all ear canals.

These anti-noise wax earplugs are an alternative to classic foam earplugs. They adapt perfectly to your ear canal and take the body temperature to be better forgotten. In fact, they are infinitely adjustable! Thanks to their natural wax composition, Plic hearing protectors ensure comfort and efficiency. You can wear them for a long time: to sleep, to rest, to work...

The wax earplugs attenuate the noise of approximately 28 decibels. They are washable with soap and water and reusable.

How to insert your Plic wax earplugs?

Before inserting the plugs, make sure they are clean. With clean hands, completely remove the cotton protection from around the wax. Warm the plug between your hands until it becomes soft, then insert it into the ear.

Gently move the plug towards the opening of the ear canal. Do not insert the plug too deeply into the ear canal. Remove the plug by gently pulling behind the ear, then remove it with your fingers. These protectors are reusable and washable.

Composition of the hearing protection: Natural wax Noise reduction: 28 dB Diameter: 13-14 mm

An instruction manual with simplified diagrams is provided with each Plic Audio box containing 2 pairs of wax earplugs. Product conforms to CE 2834, EN352-2 2020 (EU) 2016/425.

Certification Notified Body : CCQS Certification Services Limited Block 1 Blanchardstown Corporate Park, Ballycoolin Road, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 D15 AKK1 Dublin Ireland

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