SKU FA074 Category Hearing protection with filter
    Bouchon d'oreilles sommeil

    Earplugs for sleeping

    • Earplugs for sleeping with filter
    • Sleep Special
    • Noise attenuation: 20 dB
    • 2+1 corollas and double filter
    • Aluminum case supplied

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    Earplugs for sleeping: for quiet nights

    Earplugs PLIC AUDIO, hearing protection that suits the whole family and adapted to all your needs. Discover our best-seller earplug special sleep with selective filter, the must of hearing protection.

    Earplugs with double filter PLIC AUDIO effectively protect against dangerous noises and sounds without feeling locked in or isolated. They let through "useful sounds" such as alarms, alarm clocks, calls and allow you to have a conversation. Made of TPE polymer, flexible and hypoallergenic material, you can keep them in the ear all the time you need. The warmth of the ear will give the double corolla the desired shape for optimal efficiency.

    Our sleep earplugs are specially designed to allow for restful sleep. They reduce external noise and snoring. The specific filter of the noise cap allows you to hear calls and wake-up.

    Directions for use

    The earplugs for sleeping are delivered in pairs and accompanied by a waterproof aluminum protective case to ensure perfect hygiene. With PLIC AUDIO, you have quality hearing protection adapted to the different needs of your life.

    • Have clean hands for handling your earplugs.
    • To put on your special sleep hearing protection gently, pull your ear up slightly and then insert the plug until it is properly held.
    • You can let go of the sleep plug. Make sure it fits well in the ear.
    • You can easily remove the noise cap thanks to its edge whenever you want.

    Composition & Specifications

    Our earplugs for sleeping are composed of a double filter to preserve hearing without insulation. This hearing protection is equipped with 2+1 corollas for a perfect adaptation to the external ear canal. The first 2 corollas are perfectly adapted to the ear canal, and the third allows the proper support and tightness of the cap to sleep.

    Composition: made of thermoplastic (TPE) washable with soap and water and hypoallergenic (neither silicone nor latex). Noise attenuation: 20 decibels. French certification CE EN 351-2-2012.

    These audio PLIC hearing protectors with double filter exist for the following uses: earplugs for sleeping, pool earplugs, evening earplugs, children's earplugs, travel earplugs, DIY earplugs, special earplugs small ducts.

    Category Hearing protection with filter Mark Plic audio EAN13 3700085860342
    Bouchon d'oreilles sommeil
    Bouchon d'oreilles sommeil

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