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    Bouillotte à eau bleu

    Water bottle

    • Large hot water bottle
    • Strength and superior quality
    • 8h of heat diffusion
    • Odorless
    • Multiple colors to choose from

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    The hot water bottle: a moment of relaxation guaranteed!

    The Tradition hot water bottle Plic will keep you warm during the long evenings and cold winter nights whether you are on your sofa or in a bed. To be used without moderation by all! Its large capacity of 2L allows to be used with hot water but also in cold compress.

    The hot water bottle is made of superior quality thermoplastic, for more than 8 hours of soft and diffuse heat. Odourless thermoplastic does not deteriorate over time and guarantees safe use. Ideal for people allergic to latex.

    BS 1970: 2012 - Hot water bottle made of rubber and PVC.


    100% thermoplastic hot water bottle.

    Directions for use

    • Unscrew the cap
    • Hold the hot water bottle by the neck, in an upright position, and slowly fill with non-boiling water until 2/3
    • Screw the cap, making sure to tighten it tightly to prevent water leakage.
    • Expel residual air.

    Maintenance and storage tips:

    Maintenance: Wipe the hot water bottle with a damp cloth or sponge. All covers are machine washable. Do not bleach. They can be dried at low temperatures

    Storage: Completely empty the hot water bottle before storage, then screw the cap. Store the hot water bottle in a clean, dry place away from light.

    Safety instructions:

    Use this product only for the purpose for which it is intended as described below:

    • External use only.
    • Keep away from any heat source. Do not expose to the sun
    • Never use the product if it is damaged (cap, water leak)
    • Hot water bottles are not suitable for children under 36 months of age due to the risk of burns.
    • Do not leave this product within the reach of children and animals.
    • Always check the heat and feeling before placing the hot water bottle on the body.
    • Avoid prolonged direct contact with the skin and regularly check the temperature.

    Precautions for use:

    • Do not put in the microwave or traditional oven.
    • Do not pierce the water bottle. When using it, do not exert strong pressure on the water bottle.
    • Do not use boiling water (max 49°C) and use only tap water to fill the hot water bottle, this may damage or break it.
    • Too hot water can cause injuries and damage to the hot water bottle.
    • Do not fully fill the hot water bottle, it could burst.
    • Never use the hot water bottle directly on the skin. Always use the cover, cloth or blanket to avoid burns.
    • Do not put the hot water bottle in contact with oil or grease.

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    Bouillotte à eau bleu

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