Wrist blood pressure monitor

    Wrist blood pressure monitor

    • Pharmacy wrist blood pressure monitor without batteries.
    • Clinically validated (ESH, BHS, A/A).
    • Lithium-ion battery.
    • Detection of cardiac arrhythmia.
    • Motion detector. 2 users (180 memories).
    • Automatic calculation of morning/evening averages / 3 consecutive measurements.

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    A reliable, simple and accurate pharmaceutical wrist blood pressure monitor:

    The PRECITECH battery-operated wrist blood pressure monitor has been developed to ensure reliable measurements and ease of use.

    A reliable wrist blood pressure monitor: 

    The measurements of this wrist blood pressure monitor are clinically validated according to the most recognized protocols (those of the European Society of Hypertension and it has also obtained the best possible grade: A/A according to the protocol of the British Society of Hypertension). Thanks to its motion sensor, this tension device avoids any false data. It checks the correct positioning of the cuff during the measurement.

    A simple and accurate pharmacy blood pressure device: 

    • Automatic measurement of blood pressure and heart rate. 
    • Colored indicator on the side of the screen classifying your results according to the WHO standard. 
    • Large backlit display for enhanced visibility. Automatic detection of cardiac arrhythmia. 
    • 3 consecutive measurements and automatic average function (recommended by the High Authority of Health). 
    • Automatic measurement of the average of the last 3 measurements taken in the morning and evening.

    A practical electronic blood pressure monitor: 

    • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery power supply (no need to buy and store batteries). 
    • 2 users. 180 memories. 
    • Paper booklet of your measurements provided with this wrist blood pressure monitor. 
    • Ideal to bring to your doctor (also downloadable on our website).

    This measuring device is available in some pharmacies. Discover also our thermometers to follow your health. 

    1. The tension is taken in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before going to bed. 
    2. Sit in a chair, facing a table, with your back straight and your feet flat. 
    3. Follow the instructions in the manual to correctly position the cuff of your pharmacy blood pressure monitor around your left wrist. 
    4. Place your left elbow on the table and raise your wrist slightly so that it is level with your heart.

    To avoid any false measurement, the PRECITECH wrist blood pressure monitor is equipped with a movement sensor.

    This PRECITECH battery wrist blood pressure monitor comes with:

    • A USB charging cable. 
    • A protective pouch. 
    • A paper notebook for measurements. 
    • A manual.

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