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    Nose pump

    Nose pump

    • Manual baby fly.
    • Tested and validated in hospital maternity.
    • Soft flexible nose piece.
    • Mucus-holding chamber.
    • Micro-perforated foam filter.
    • Washable and reusable.

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    Clean baby's nose gently with the Plic baby nose cleaner

    The Plic Care triple protection baby nose has been tested and validated in hospital maternity. Patented French innovation, it is hygienic and economical to use thanks to its washable and infinitely reusable filter.

    The Plic Care manual baby nasal aspirator is the ideal solution for sucking mucus and decongesting baby's nasal passages gently and safely. We have equipped it with a flexible and very soft nosepiece for baby's comfort. During aspiration, its mucus retention chamber allows you to aspirate nasal secretions without the risk of ingesting or inhaling them. Finally, its micro-perforated foam filter, washable and infinitely reusable, offers additional protection against germs and bacteria, ensuring that the air sucked in is safe and clean.

    Usable from birth, the Plic Care baby fly is very easy to use. The length of its suction tube is optimal for effortless controlled suction and to prevent babies from pulling it, tearing it or unhooking it during suction.

    Finally, it is very easy to clean. Thanks to its removable elements, you will not encounter any difficulty in removing the secretions stored inside. All parts are simply cleaned with soapy water and can be sterilized with a steam steriliser.

    You can safely use the Plic Care baby nose from the moment your baby is born.

    No more disposable single-use filters that are neither practical, nor ecological and expensive to use, or baby flies without less hygienic filters. The Plic Care baby nose fly is economical, hygienic, tested, validated, safe and practical. It complies with the standards of the Regulations on Class I Medical Devices in force (EU 2017/745).

    Usage tips

    Indications: Before the 1st use, wash all the components with soapy water then rinse them with clear water and leave to dry. After drying, assemble the components together.

    How to use a baby fly?

    1. Lay baby on his back.
    2. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and gently position the soft nosepiece at the entrance to a nostril.
    3. Inhale gently through the mouthpiece then do the same with the second nostril.
    4. To facilitate the operation, the use of physiological serum beforehand is recommended (thinning thick or dry secretions).
    5. Cleaning: After use, disassemble the components of the baby nose cleaner and wash the components in soapy water. Rinse with clear water.
    6. Allow components to dry before reassembly. It is possible to sterilize the components with a steam sterilizer (boiling water can damage the product).

    Composition & Specifications

    • Patented French innovation.
    • Tested and validated in hospital maternity.
    • Class I Medical Device - In accordance with the regulation in force EU 2017/745.
    • Triple safety: Flexible, soft nose piece, mucus retention chamber, washable and reusable micro-perforated foam filter.
    Category Nasal care for babies Mark Plic care EAN13 3700085862513
    Nose pump
    Nose pump

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