Nail polish - 15ml

    • Silicon-enriched nail polish.
    • Format 5 ml.
    • 14 colors.
    • Sweet formula 10 free.
    • Without endocrine disruptors.
    • Neige
    • Taupe 2
    • Chamallow
    • Romance
    • Rouge 2
    • Bordeaux
    • Chocolat
    • Kaki
    • Imperial
    • Canard
    • Transparent
    • Noir 3
    • Orange 2
    • Fushia
    • Lilas pastel
    • Vert pastel
    • Bleu pastel

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    Nail polish COPINESline : be beautiful to the end of your nails!

    COPINES Line nail polish enriched with silicon has an impeccable application with a glossy finish.

    They last up to a week, thanks to a new generation polymer resin that prevents the adverse effect of breaking the enamel layer. This lengthens the duration of the manicure.

    The distribution over the entire surface of the nail is optimal: it is homogeneous once applied, softens and masks any type of imperfection. Stability is guaranteed in all colors.

    The product is a source of active silicon compounds. This active ingredient ensures organic fixation by gluing with keratin present in the nails. It helps to harden the nails by increasing their resistance, normalizes the growth and regeneration of nails.

    Quality control according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines for cosmetic products.

    Directions for use

    This range of varnishes has been specially designed to:

    • People on chemotherapy
    • Pregnant women
    • Vegans
    • All people looking for a range of varnishes that are respectful and free of endocrine disruptors.

    Application tips:

    Thanks to its formulation, it is enough to apply 1 or 2 coats of varnish evenly on the nails. Let it dry completely to get a significantly longer duration than a traditional nail polish. It is advisable to apply a transparent base under the color layer to further prolong the duration of the manicure. Drying time: about 2 minutes.

    Composition & Specifications

    Clean composition: 10 FREE
    0% : DPB , Camphor, Toluene, Formaldehyde , Formaldehyde resin , Xylene, Parabens, perfumes , Phthalate , Heavy metals, ingredients of animal origin.

    Hypoallergenic cosmetic products available in pharmacies, based on silica (strengthens and protects), urea-based (to combat dryness).

    Transparent or opaque (no glittery or pearlescent varnish that can attract light, not recommended in case of treatment).

    Varnish guaranteed without rosin, toluene, formalin, paraben.

    14 colors available: snow, taupe, chamallow, romance, red, burgundy, chocolate, khaki, imperial, duck, black, bright pink, orange and transparent.

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