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    Reading glasses Multdistance BALZAC

    • To read and see net from 30 cm to 4 m
    • French technology
    • Box and storage case included
    • Diopter +1.00 to +3.00

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    Multidistance magnifying glass bezel: the solution for presbyopia

    Do you feel difficulty seeing up close, discomfort when reading or using your mobile phone? This is probably due to presbyopia! This natural aging of sight concerns us all from the age of 40. To compensate for this phenomenon, a wide choice of MULTIDISTANCE magnifying glasses is available to you.

    Multidistance lenses

    The special MULTIDISTANCE lenses make it possible to find a natural view at all distances: from near, in the middle or from afar. The technology used is French and patented. The bottom of the glass makes it possible to see closely (like a traditional magnifying glass): reading, using the computer, smartphone... then the top of the glass allows a good vision of people and objects located halfway: entourage, screen further away ..., up to 4 meters. You can keep these glasses on the top of the nose for a younger look!

    Comfort frame

    The Horizane MULTIDISTANCE magnifying glasses are today the most comfortable solution to correct presbyopia with trendy, ultra-light and very comfortable frames. With these glasses to see from afar MULTIDISTANCE, it is possible to read and see precisely from 30 centimeters to 4 meters without tiring your vision and therefore the accommodation of the lens, which provides optimal comfort for the eyes.

    Care tips

    You can wear these multidistance pre-assembled glasses on the top of the nose for any daily activity without having to juggle from one pair of glasses to another (reading, computer, vision of the entourage ...).

    To keep your glasses clean, opt for one of the products of our KITOPTIK, a complete range of anti-fog and antistatic cleaning solutions.

    Composition & Specifications

    All HORIZANE magnifying glasses are CE certified (NF EN 14139: 2003): result of our requirement and expertise. Pre-assembled glasses are classified as Class 1 medical devices. They justify their CE marking because they meet very strict specifications and control points, to ensure safety and quality.

    The studies focus in particular on the diopter and correct asymmetry of the glass, the quality of the coatings of the materials and the assembly and centering of the glasses.

    Balzac model mixed rounded shape, available in 5 diopters from +1.00 to +3.00 and in 3 two-color colors: gray and red, taupe and anise green, dark blue and light blue. Metal hinge, flex branches, anti-scratch glasses.

    Comfort of vision

    Comfort of vision

    Glasses on the top of the nose, no more old man's look!

    Glasses on the top of the nose, no more old man's look!

    Reduces eye strain

    Reduces eye strain

    Trendy and colorful

    Trendy and colorful



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