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    Hydrated silicone earplugs - 2 pairs

    • Silicone earplugs
    • Noise attenuation: 27 dB
    • Very comfortable
    • Easy to use
    • 2 reusable pairs

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    Hydrated silicone hearing protection: the anti-noise solution

    With PLIC AUDIO, discover a complete range of earplugs that is suitable for the whole family and for all occasions.

    Our silicone hearing protectors bring you real comfort.

    These noise-cancelling earplugs are a real alternative to classic foam earplugs. They have been specially designed to adapt to all ear morphologies. Indeed, they are infinitely modular! Silicone is easily placed in the pinna of the ear at the entrance to the ear canal. Thanks to its malleable and soft texture, it takes the shape of the ear discreetly without providing any discomfort.

    Silicone earplugs attenuate noise by 27 decibels. They are washable simply with soap and water and reusable.

    These silicone hearing protectors are multi-purpose: you can use them to sleep pleasantly, swim, or eliminate noise caused during travel (noisy transport).

    Directions for use

    • With clean hands, form a ball with the silicone earplug. Keep the ball whole and do not cut the silicone.
    • Mold the hearing protection so that it tightly closes the ear canal, clean and dry.
    • To remove the silicone earplug, push behind the ear to gently detach it.
    • Do not force the introduction of the earplug into the ear canal.

    Composition & Specifications

    Composition: Silicone.

    Noise reduction: 27 dB.

    Instructions for use with simplified diagrams are provided with each Plic Audio box containing 2 pairs of silicone earplugs.

    Keep this product away from infants and children. Choking hazard. If an earplug pushed into the ear canal leaves pieces of silicone on it when it is removed, do not remove the pieces with tweezers. It is recommended to consult your doctor.

    Product complies with CE 2834 EN 352-2:2002 (EU) 2016/425. Notified Certification Body: CCQS Certification Services Limited, Dublin, Ireland.

    Silicone hearing protection

    Silicone hearing protection

    Modular and soft

    Modular and soft

    Without feeling pressure in the ear

    Without feeling pressure in the ear



    Economy format 2 pairs

    Economy format 2 pairs

    Category Hearing protection Mark Plic audio EAN13 3700085860427

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