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At the crossroads of health and beauty, the whiteness of tooth enamel (protective outer layer of teeth) is an indicator that is increasingly important in our modern societies. Unfortunately, the latter tends to turn yellow with age but also according to our lifestyle.

A diet that is too sweet, too much coffee or tea consumption, smoking cigarettes, are all factors that aggravate the yellowing and deterioration of your tooth enamel. Indeed, tooth enamel is a calcium phosphate mineral, which softens in contact with acids until it gradually wears out and reveals dentin (yellow color), also causing dental sensitivities.

To avoid this, strict oral hygiene should be observed with regular brushing of the teeth (avoid hard toothbrushes and favor a toothpaste that is not very abrasive). At the same time, dental whitening solutions exist at your dentist, but they are very expensive. Horizane Santé has therefore decided to offer you a unique tooth whitening solution, which offers you a double action, protection and whitening of tooth enamel.

Unlike many products on the market, ECLAWHITE does not contain any abrasive substances and does not deteriorate your tooth enamel. Indeed, some teeth whitening products will simply erode a layer of your tooth enamel to get rid of your stains. The problem being that by deteriorating your enamel, your tooth sensitivity will increase and above all, in the end, will make your dentin appear from below which is yellow. You will not be able to go back.

ECLAWHITE offers you a 100% natural double action: it whitens and protects your teeth.

It contains:

  • Inulin, a natural prebiotic that stimulates the development of useful bacteria in the oral cavity and prevents the development of bacteria responsible for dental plaque.
  • Hydroxyapatite, a natural calcium crystal that makes up 97% tooth enamel and forms a protective layer of white color.

ECLAWHITE contains no Carbomer (Coal derivatives) and no Peroxide. It does not deteriorate the enamel of your teeth, on the contrary, it puts back a layer of white enamel (hydroxy apatite) thanks to the action of the LEDs of its tray on the whitening gel.

Its action is facilitated for simple and effective use thanks to its applicator brush pen (unlike syringes difficult to use for some whitening products) and a medical grade tray (does not yellow and remains flexible) with a timer switch (which automatically stops the session after 15 minutes) and 16 LEDs to ensure effective action on all your teeth (unlike many other aligners on the market).

ECLAWHITE is clinically tested and validated, and has all of the following regulatory certifications:

The gel ECLAWHITE is manufactured in Belgium in full compliance with the European standards of Manufacture of cosmetic products and the production laboratory is certified GMP ISO 22716: 2007.

  • The gel complies with EC/1223/2009.
  • The gutter ECLAWHITE is CE certified by SGS.

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