Eaux de Cologne

A timeless fragrance, cologne still has its place in our bathroom. This miraculous water is brought up to date to suit both men and women. Nature & Senteurs redoubles its inventiveness to seduce all those who are in search of authenticity and purity.

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Very pleasant to wear during the summer or on a daily basis, discover our colognes made in France:

Classic Cologne:

Less concentrated than an eau de toilette or an eau de parfum, cologne is composed of 2 to 3% essential oils and 60% alcohol. This fragrance makes it easy to wear on a daily basis. Cologne drops can be deposited on pulsating areas of the body such as the neck, the back of the ears or the décolleté. Eau de Cologne man, eau de Cologne woman, you will necessarily find the scent that suits you best.

Organic cologne:

Created by our perfumers in Grasse, our organic colognes are unique. In order to bring you light and pleasant scents on a daily basis, we have honored several perfumes. The Rose, queen of flowers, the Tiaré with solar and floral notes, the fresh and light Neroli flower and the Mandarin with a tangy scent. The concentration of scented base has been increased compared to conventional colognes. The holding of the scents is therefore longer. The alcohol in these Colognes is made from organic wheat. Perfumes are composed from natural ingredients.

How to choose your Cologne?

It is sometimes difficult to choose your perfume. Much more than an olfactory imprint, perfume often reveals your personality. It sums up everything that makes up our identity. To help you, we recommend scents according to your personality:

  • For dynamic people, we advise you to opt for a strong scent that envelops you and your entourage. For this, a perfume inspired by woods such as vetiver will suit you perfectly.

  • For romantic and sensitive people, the notes of aromatic herbs mixed with the top notes of citrus will be perfectly adapted.

  • For calm and gentle people, opt for a scent that is both fresh and powdery. A perfume with a floral bouquet would perfectly match your character.

Coffret eau de Cologne naturelle/savon olive vert
Coffret eau de Cologne/savon pivoine des merveilles vert
Box cologne / green midi...
Coffret eau de Cologne florale/savon rose sauvage vert
Eau de Cologne lavande de Provence 100ml
Eau de Cologne 100ml -...
Eau de Cologne 100ml -...
Eau de Cologne 100ml -...
Eau de Cologne 100ml - The...
Eau de Cologne 100ml - Star...
Eau de Cologne 100ml -...
Eau de Cologne 100ml -...
Eau de Cologne 100ml - Fig...
Cologne 100ml - Blue Ginger
Eau de Cologne 100ml -...
Eau de Cologne 100ml -...

Organic Colognes - Monoï

Organic Colognes - Rose

Organic Colognes - Nerolie

Organic Colognes - Mandarin
Coffret Cologne Naturelle authentique 100ml
Coffret Cologne Vetiver intense 100ml
Coffret Cologne Pivoine des merveilles 100ml
Coffret Cologne Thé vert printemps 100ml