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    Tensiometer arm

    Tensiometer arm

    • Blood pressure monitor arm pharmacy without batteries.
    • Clinically validated (ESH, pregnant women/pre-eclampsia).
    • Detection of cardiac arrhythmia.
    • Detection of atrial fibrillation.
    • 2 users (200 memories).
    • Automatic calculation of morning/evening averages.

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    Precitech arm blood pressure monitor: for a reliable measurement of your blood pressure

    The PRECITECH upper arm blood pressure monitor has been developed to ensure reliable measurements and ease of use. This cuff blood pressure monitor is clinically validated and is even suitable for pregnant women. Available in some pharmacies, this electronic blood pressure monitor will accurately detect cardiac arrhythmia and fibrillation. It will accurately measure your blood pressure and heart rate.

    A reliable pharmacy arm blood pressure monitor: 

    • Clinically validated measurements according to the most recognized protocols (those of the European Society of Hypertension).
    • Clinically validated measurements on pregnant women with or without pre-eclampsia. (Conventional blood pressure monitors tend to underestimate the results of pregnant women with pre-eclampsia).

    An easy to use and accurate arm blood pressure monitor: 

    • Automatic measurement of blood pressure and heart rate. 
    • Colored indicator on the side of the screen classifying your results according to the WHO standard. 
    • Large backlit display for enhanced visibility. 
    • Automatic detection of cardiac arrhythmia. 
    • Automatic detection of atrial fibrillation. 
    • Automatic measurement of morning and evening averages.

    A practical blood pressure monitor: 

    • Use with batteries (included) or without batteries with the PRECITECH AC adapter (sold separately). 
    • 2 users. 
    • 200 memories. 
    • Paper booklet of your measurements provided, ideal for taking to your doctor (and also downloadable from our website).

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    Blood pressure should be taken upon waking and before going to bed.

    1. Sit comfortably in a chair. Your legs should not be crossed and your feet should be flat. 
    2. Follow the instructions in the manual to place the cuff of your blood pressure monitor correctly around your left arm. 
    3. Place your left forearm on a flat surface (table) with the palm of your hand facing up. 
    4. Do not move and remain calm during the measurement.

    The PRECITECH pharmacy arm blood pressure monitor is delivered with :

    • 4 batteries.
    • A protective pouch.
    • A paper notebook for measurements.
    • A notice.
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    Tensiometer arm

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