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    Cutting cuticules - Pink / Purple

    • Regrowth & cuticle cutting
    • Stainless steel blade
    • Soft touch coating
    • Easy to use

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    Cuticle cutting/regrowth: for a manicure always at the top!

    A regrowth and cuticle cut into a single product!

    Discover the regrowth and cuticle cut for a manicure always at the top! This dual-use accessory is made of stainless steel. Because of this, it does not rust and has a long service life. It consists of a gum tip to gently repel the cuticles. This flesh repellent is used to repel the thin strip of skin that covers the bottom of your nail.

    You will get a bigger, sharper and neater nail! The other end is a "V" shaped blade that will allow small skins to be precisely cut, much like the envy pliers. Thanks to this cuticle cutter say goodbye to the small skins stuck in the corners of your nail! This accessory can be used by both professionals and individuals.

    For a manicure that is still as beautiful as ever, discover our glass nail file and nail polish!

    Directions for use

    The PLIC tips for making the skin cuticles:

    Soak your fingers for a few minutes in warm water and add a few drops of essential oil or paraffin oil. Once the cuticles are softened, it will be easier for you to cut them. Use the rubber rod to push your cuticles back and then use the tip with the "V" blade to cut your cuticles!

    The right actions to adopt to take care of your cuticles:

    • Always wear rubber gloves when cleaning to protect your nails and skin.
    • Apply a hand cream regularly to nourish and moisturize your hands and cuticles.
    • Do not apply nail polish right after repelling or cutting your cuticles.

    Composition & Specifications

    • Regrowth and cuticle cuticle in stainless steel.
    • Soft touch coating.
    • Dimensions: 13.5 cm.
    • Color: purple / pink.

    Ergonomic format

    Ergonomic format

    Cuts and repels cuticles

    Cuts and repels cuticles

    2-in-1 accessory

    2-in-1 accessory

    Soft touch coating

    Soft touch coating

    Stainless steel blade

    Stainless steel blade

    Category Pedicure manicure accessories Mark Plic beauty EAN13 3700085855096

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