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Sapphire nail file
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Sapphire nail file

  • Sapphire file metallic grains.
  • Shortens and files the nail.
  • Easy handling.
  • Long duration.
  • Made up of Sapphire dust.

The Saphir file to maintain your nails on a daily basis:

The Saphir nail file has two sides made from metallic grains to shorten and file the nail precisely. This file, made from Sapphire dust, is very resistant and allows you to give the nail the shape you want (square, rounded, almond, square-rounded). In addition, its plastic handle allows easy handling. The Saphir nail file is suitable for normal to hard fingernails and toenails and has a pointed finish for cleaning nails and cuticles.

Usage tips

To ensure better quality filing, it is advisable to soak your hands or feet in a bath of lukewarm water to soften your nails. Then, file from the outside to the inside, giving the shape you want.

It is important to file the nails in the same direction to avoid duplication. Finally, you can clean the inside of your nails and your cuticles with its pointed tip.

Composition & Specifications

  • File: Metal steel.
  • Handle: PVC.

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