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    Lime à ongles cristal de Bohème bleu

    Nail files in bohemian crystal

    • Double-sided super resistant crystal file
    • Gentle abrasion
    • Long time
    • For professionals and individuals
    • File for fingernails and feet

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    The crystal nail file: ideal for filing your nails without breaking them!

    Thanks to this bohemian crystal nail file, say goodbye to rough and brittle nails!

    Our crystal files are made from a noble material that stands out for its quality and brilliance: Bohemian crystal! A quality that gives it an unparalleled lifespan. Its extra-thin abrasive surface does not damage the nails and limits the risk of ingrown toenails. Our Bohemian crystal files will gently file your nails. They will be smoothed and reinforced, ready to accommodate nail polish. Bohemian crystal file is an economical and ecological solution. Unlike classic files, the glass file will accompany you for many years.

    This polishing instrument will strengthen your nails and prevent them from splitting. Its composition allows it to prevent bacteria and germs from becoming embedded. This accessory is suitable for both professionals and individuals. It can be suitable even for very fragile nails. It is ideal for natural or artificial nails.

    Directions for use

    Always file your nails in one direction, from the outside to the center of the nail. Two different movements are thus made: we file from the left free edge to the center and from the right free edge to the center. Going back and forth weakens the nail and promotes their duplication. For well-drawn nails, give them a nice shape.

    • For a more rounded finish: The free edge forms an arc of a circle. It is an ideal shape for short nails.
    • For almond nails: The parallels of the nail are more clearly lined towards the center to create a slight tip that is rounded later. It is a shape suitable for long nails but be careful, on too long nails, it can very quickly give an effect "claws" not very aesthetic.
    • For a square shape: The parallels of your nail should remain straight. The tip of the nail is filed straight. The corners are quite sharp. It is a form that can be worn on both short and long nails.
    • To obtain a rounded square: As for the square shape, you must first file the tip of the nail in a straight way and then round more or less the corners according to your convenience. This is a good compromise if you want a less severe square shape.

    Clean your file with soapy water after use.

    Composition & Specifications

    • Material: Double-sided crystal file.
    • Warranty 25 years.
    • Available in 2 colors: Pink, Blue.
    • Length of the file: 14 cm.

    External use only.

    Not suitable for children.

    Bohemian crystal lime

    Bohemian crystal lime

    Suitable for sensitive nails

    Suitable for sensitive nails

    No more rough and brittle nails

    No more rough and brittle nails

    Long service life

    Long service life

    Lime with precision

    Lime with precision

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    Lime à ongles cristal de Bohème bleu

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