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    Coton démaquillant lavable

    Reusable Makeup Remover Cottons - Set of 15

    • Set of 15 reusable bamboo fiber makeup remover cottons
    • Bifaces: a "velvet" / a "sponge"
    • For all skin types
    • Included: A washing net and a pouch
    • Diameter of a reusable makeup remover disc: 8 cm

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    Reusable makeup remover cotton: the zero waste solution

    Washable makeup remover cotton from the Plic Beauty brand is an ecological, practical and economical alternative. Indeed, washable makeup removal discs keep for a very long time.

    Made of bamboo fiber, they are very flexible, easy to use and particularly soft on the skin.

    They offer you two usable faces: a sponge face that removes the most resistant makeup and a velvet touch face that gently removes makeup from sensitive areas such as the eye area.

    Respectful of your epidermis, our reusable cotton pads are used daily and are suitable for the most sensitive skin.

    Did you know?

    The bamboo plant is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. It is suitable for all skin types. It is ideal for oily skin thanks to its absorbent power. In addition, many species of bamboo grow very quickly, sometimes up to one meter per day, which makes our cottons extremely durable.

    Discover also our reusable makeup remover glove for an environmentally friendly beauty routine!

    Directions for use

    How to use your reusable cotton?

    Which side to use reusable makeup remover cotton?

    It depends on the type of makeup remover you are using. The "sponge" side is cleansing and has a "desiccant" effect that allows to remove the most resistant makeup. If you use a cleansing milk or cleansing oil, we advise you to opt for the "sponge" face. The "velvet" face gently removes makeup from delicate areas such as the eye area. If you are using a micellar lotion or toner lotion, use the "velvet" side.

    How to use your washable makeup remover cotton?

    Apply your makeup remover or organic micellar water to reusable cotton. Then pass it over your face and eyes.

    How to maintain your washable bamboo fiber makeup remover cottons?

    Very easy to maintain, you just have to rinse them with clear water after use, then place them in the tightly closed washing net to avoid their dispersion in the machine. You can machine washable makeup remover discs at 40°C. It is also possible to clean them by hand. Then dry them in the open air (no dryer!).

    Composition & Specifications

    • Contains: 15 reusable cotton pads, 1 washing net and 1 storage pouch.
    • Usage: between 300 and 500 times
    • Composition of the discs: Bamboo fiber.
    • Composition of the washing net: 100% cotton.
    • Wide discs: 8 cm in diameter to use only one per makeup removal.
    • Machine wash at 40°C

    Economic and Ecological

    Economic and Ecological

    Bamboo fiber composition

    Bamboo fiber composition



    Gentle on the skin

    Gentle on the skin

    Ease of maintenance

    Ease of maintenance

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    Coton démaquillant lavable

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