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    Bouillotte ceinture lombaire

    Lumbar belt hot water bottle

    • Back care
    • Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy
    • Ceramic balls
    • Lumbar belt format
    • Low back pain, edema, redness, hematomas and sciatica

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    The lumbar hot water bottle: ideal to relieve your pain!

    Plic Care has designed a warm/cold hot water bottle lumbar belt that brings well-being and effectively relieves back pain. Very practical, the cover is easily positioned thanks to its belt shape to warm or cool the entire painful area. The 2 flanges are long enough to suit the corpulence of each and close by a self-gripping scratch system. Its inner cushion whose shape has been designated so that the entire lumbar area is targeted is filled with real ceramic beads for guaranteed hygiene.

    Ceramic beads do not mold in contact with moisture. This material allows a good distribution of heat for a long-lasting diffusion. The cushion is compartmentalized so that the beads remain localized and do not slip on either side of the cushion. Doubly effective, ceramic beads heat in the microwave to benefit from the benefits of heat and are also placed in the freezer to apply cold to the targeted area. Easy to maintain, this cover defoams and happens in the washing machine. The cover is composed of a large opening along the entire length with a closure by scrach.

    • Hot use - thermotherapy

    The diffusion of heat through the skin relieves muscle and joint pain. Vasodilation consequential to the application of heat confers muscle relaxation, mainly in the area in contact with the heat source. The lumbar belt reduces low back pain.

    • Cold use – cryotherapy

    Contact with a cold source causes vasoconstriction, a positive action in the case of edema, redness, hematomas or sciatica.

    Up to 2 hours of broadcasting.
    EC 93/42.
    Class 1 medical device.


    • Cover: 100% polyester.
    • Cushion: Ceramic beads and polyester cushion.

    Directions for use

    1. Remove the cushion from the plush toy.
    2. Heat or cool the cushion as follows.

    Hot use:

    Fold the cushion in half and put it in a dish. Select the microwave function and place half a cup of water as well as the ceramic bead cushion in a clean microwave without grease stains.

    Then select the power of the microwave and if necessary, briefly shake the cushion to distribute the heat between the ceramic beads:

    • 350 watts: 3 min.
    • 750 watts: 2 min.

    Cold use:

    To protect your cushion from ceramic beads, pack it in a plastic bag and then place it in the freezer for 60 to 120 minutes maximum.

    Care tips:

    Preferably clean the cover by hand. Let dry flat naturally.

    Do not wash the cushion with ceramic beads.

    Keep the cushion in a dry place, airing it regularly.

    Precautions for use:


    • Keep the ceramic bead cushion out of reach of children.
    • Read carefully and fully the instructions for use in order to guarantee optimal safety of use and to avoid any risk of fire, damage, injury by overheating or drying of the ceramic bead cushion.
    • This box contains important information. Do not throw it away for future reference.
    • Only heat/cool the removable cushion. Never warm/cool the cover.
    • Before inserting the cushion into the cover, check its temperature and let it return to a more suitable temperature if overheats.
    • When the cushion is warmed up, it may be normal for the touch to be slightly moist. Allow the moisture to evaporate before placing the cushion back in the cover.
    • Respect the indications of time and power of heating / cooling. The cushion can be damaged by overheating.
    • Before reusing it hot or cold, wait 1 hour for the ceramic bead cushion to return to room temperature.
    • Do not use the damaged cushion.
    • Do not swallow the contents of the cushion.

    Shape adapted to the care area

    Shape adapted to the care area

    Hot / Cold

    Hot / Cold



    Hot water bottle care

    Hot water bottle care

    Medical device

    Medical device

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    Bouillotte ceinture lombaire

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