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Multidistance reading glasses

Multidistance reading glasses - GIONO

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Horizane reading glasses : glasses for presbyopes

Magnifying glass style

Dare to wear round reading glasses! This original shape reveals your confidence, it is also a symbol of sympathy and joy of living. Horizane offers this model in 2 colors. Choose between the brown tortoiseshell and gold metal alloy for a timeless and elegant look, or the mix between a deep blue and silver metal for a modern touch.

Multi distance lenses

In addition to being a rounded shape for better vision, this drugstore magnifying glass has multi-distance lenses that will allow you to see clearly up close and at a distance without having to lower the glass on the tip of your nose.

Comfort frame

Its transparent plates offer a firm hold to the magnifying glass without bothering you. Also, the roundness of this model brings a lightness and a better view from all angles. Its flexible temples improve comfort at your temples and behind your ears.

Please keep the glasses out of dusty places to avoid possible traces that would prevent you from seeing clearly. The solution for clean glasses is the kitoptik, with which your glasses will be removed from all dirt and grime.

This pair of pharmacy reading glasses is CE certified by Regulation 2017/745 ISO 16034 - AC1: 2006 and rated Class 1 in medical devices. Horizane Health ensures the safety and quality of the glasses by implementing a very strict specification to meet the needs and expectations of the consumer.

Its metal hinges with integrated external metal flexes offer a classic and robust look to this eyewear. Model available in different diopters: from +1.00 to +3.00. Scratch resistant lenses, pre-mounted frame and comfortable to wear. This eyewear is designed for presbyopes.

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