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Reading glasses

Reading Glasses - Atlantique

New tortoiseshell reading glasses.

Color Black & Navy Blue.

Flexible branches.

Clear vision.

Box and case included.

  • D1.0
  • D1.5
  • D2.0
  • D2.5
  • D3.0
  • D3.5

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The Atlantic reading glasses: an original and elegant model.

Bezel style

New for 2023, this magnifying glass will start the year with class and determination. Its black and electric blue flake color reinforces the distinguished side and brings an explosive touch. Not to mention its slightly rounded rectangular shape that offers a breathtaking singularity. Stand out from the crowd!

Flexible frame

All our reading glasses for presbyopes combine comfort and resistance thanks to materials that make them robust. In addition, the metal hinge and flexible arms allow the glasses to be flexible without breaking.

Magnifying glasses

Presbyopia is the loss of the eye's ability to accommodate correctly. This is why Horizane Santé has created a magnifying glass that allows you to see clearly up close to accompany you on a daily basis.

This eyewear is a real fashion accessory, you can find it in pharmacies. To keep this model intact and without scratches, we advise you to use the kitoptik anti-fog and degreasing spray.

The blue and black duo is the trend of the moment. This color combination reveals both the finesse and elegance of the black, and a touch of vivacity with the electric blue. The bridge of the pharmacy bezel in the shape of a key shows its modernity. In addition, its plates are designed for a pleasant hold on the nose. Expertise and safety are Horizane's priorities, so we made sure that all our models are CE 2017/745 ISO 16034 - AC1: 2006 certified and meet the strict European standards for pre-mounted near vision glasses. Model available in diopters : +1.00 to +3.50

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