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    Reading glasses - FIFTY

    • FIFTY magnifying glass bezel
    • For a close vision
    • Metal frame
    • Storage box and felt included
    • Available in 6 diopters

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    Loupe bezel: the solution for presbyopia

    Difficulty reading, rather blurred near vision, recurrent eye strain? HORIZANE offers you a wide choice of carefully selected magnifying glasses, to allow you to find the pleasure of reading and a clear vision of close.

    Magnifying glasses

    Usually from the age of 40, it becomes difficult to see clearly up close. This is presbyopia, a natural vision disorder that is defined by a decrease in visual acuity in near vision. The magnifying glass bezel HORIZANE therefore compensates for this natural phenomenon and makes it possible to find a good near vision. The glasses, anti-scratch and acrylic, are fixed thanks to the double strapping in anodized stainless steel and nickel silver, which ensures them a foolproof support.

    Soft frame

    The flexible branches and soft pads of this FIFTY model ensure great comfort on the tip of the nose. The flat metal frame brings a distinctive finishing touch to this men's magnifying glass bezel, which combines robustness and elegance. All our HORIZANE models are equipped with a metal hinge and an integrated flex, which makes them particularly light and very pleasant to wear.

    Care tips

    A presbyoline person can wear our magnifying glasses HORIZANE to read or to work on screen. The glasses adapt to your daily life, so you can wear them at any time of the day. A real fashion accessory, the magnifying glass reveals your style! All our models are available in pharmacies.

    It is necessary to properly maintain your reading glasses and clean them daily to avoid scratches and dirt, which can permanently alter your lenses. Our KITOPTIK range, anti-fog and antistatic cleaning solutions, allow you to clean your magnifying glasses gently to preserve your quality of vision.

    Composition & Specifications

    The FIFTY men's magnifying glass bezel softens the severity associated with the rectangle shape by offering a sleek two-tone metal construction. This frame, available in 2 colors - bronze and orange, and black and red - and in 6 diopters, will be perfect for those who wish to wear a serious and neat look. Its rectangular shape and metal material ensure a modern and elegant side.

    All models HORIZANE are CE certified (NF EN 14139: 2003) and meet European standards for pre-assembled eyeglasses for near vision. Magnifying glasses are Class 1 medical devices and are subject to strict specifications. Expertise and safety are the priorities ofHORIZANE, which ensures the quality of all its models on a daily basis.

    Sharp vision

    Sharp vision

    Male model

    Male model

    Metal frame

    Metal frame

    Small price

    Small price

    Available in diopters +1.00 to +3.50

    Available in diopters +1.00 to +3.50

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