Information on Use of cookies


Horizane Santé (The Publisher) may place a cookie on the computer of the Internet user who contacts the Publisher's Site (the Site) and which will make it possible to identify him.


1. What are cookies?

Cookies are markers placed on the Internet user's computer that record information relating to the Internet user's navigation on the Publisher's Site (pages consulted, date and time of consultation,...) and which can be read during the Internet user's subsequent visits to the Site. The cookie specifically identifies the Internet user's computer and can only be read by the Site of the Publisher who deposited it. A cookie is not a runtime file or a program and therefore cannot spread.

2. What are cookies used for?

The purpose of using cookies is to recognize an Internet user and to be able to provide him with the best service he should and as quickly as possible. Some of the information collected is also used for statistical evaluations of the use of the Site. The Publisher's Site therefore identifies the origin of the Internet user, the preferences of the latter (country, login, characteristics of his browser, usage information, etc.) and collects information on the use of the Site.

The Internet user has any possibility to refuse the deposit of cookies. Certain features, pages, spaces of the Site can not be accessible, without any responsibility of the Publisher. It is also possible to delete the opt-out cookie. It will then no longer be possible to identify the Internet user as having refused the use of cookies.

3. How do I disable cookies?

The Internet user can oppose the registration of cookies by configuring his browser to this effect. When cookies are installed, it is preferable to set the browser to accept them in order to benefit from all the functionalities of the Site. On mobile phones the deletion of cookies is done on the "Settings" option.

To prevent the installation of cookies you must follow the instructions that correspond to the browser used. Purely indicatively, here are the operating procedures:

  • Internet Explorer: on the "Tools> Internet Options" menu, click on the "Privacy" tab, select the desired setting and tap on the advanced settings. Select "Ignore automatic cookie management". Mark "Enable" or "Block". We recommend enabling the option "Always accept session cookies" to allow more optimal navigation on our Website.

  • Firefox: on the "Tools> Options" menu, click on the "Privacy" tab. Enable or disable "Accept cookies from the web" or "tell websites not to track me", it depends on the version of your browser. You can also delete the installed cookies by clicking on the option "delete cookies individually".

  • Chrome: On the "Tools> Settings" menu, click on the "Privacy> Content Settings" tab. After selecting the "show advanced settings" option, click on your preferred cookie setting. If you do not wish to allow the installation, you can select the option "block site data and third-party cookies".

  • Opera: on the "Settings> Preferences" menu, click on the "Advanced" tab. On the "Cookies" menu select the options "Accept traces" or "Never accept cookies". If you want to have a more comprehensive level of control over the cookies that are installed on your computer, we recommend that you select the "Ask me before accepting cookies" option.

  • Safari: on the "Tools> Preferences" menu, click on the "Security" tab. On the "Accept cookies" menu, select "Always" or "Never". If you have an iPhone, you will need to enter "Settings> Safari" and select whether or not you accept cookies.


4. What cookies are used by the Publisher and publishers in general?

The Publisher – like most publishers – uses different types of cookies whose purposes are described below:


  • Cookies strictly essential for browsing the Site (such as session identifiers). They allow the Internet user to use the main features of the Site (access to personalized spaces) and to secure the connection. Without cookies the Internet user will not be able to use the site normally, the Publisher advises against their deletion.

  • Optimization cookiesto give access to specific features and adapt the configuration of the Site to the User's terminal.

  • Analytical cookies allow the Publisher to know the use and performance of the Site, to establish statistics of attendance and use of the various elements (content visited, route). These cookies make it possible to improve the interest and ergonomics of the Site.

  • Cookies for sharing to social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. They make it possible to share content from the Site with other Internet users. For these shares, a cookie is installed by the Social Network connected by the Internet user to link the content consulted to the account of the Internet user of the Social Network. The Publisher advises to consult the privacy protection policies of these networks in order to be aware of the purposes of use - in particular advertising - by these Networks.

  • Advertising cookies are used to offer promotions and advertisements adapted to the interests of the Internet user, on the Site but also on other sites. These cookies are essentially cookies that depend on advertising agencies. They also limit the number of times an advertisement is passed and make it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of a promotional campaign. The relevance of advertising content comes from an association of navigation information on the Site and data provided by the Internet user.
    The refusal of these advertising cookies has no impact on the use of the Site. The fact of refusing them will not lead to the cessation of advertising on the Site or on other sites but the advertising received will no longer be targeted to the Internet user

5. How to avoid and/or delete cookies?

The Publisher allows a mode in which cookies are always deleted after a visit. Depending on the browser used, the parameter has a different name: InPrivate - FireFox 3.5; Private Browsing - Google Chrome 10; Incognito - Safari; Private Browsing - Opera 10.5; Private Browsing

For more information about how to configure how to use it and how to delete cookies, it is advisable to read the help section of the browser.

6. Manage the use of cookies on the site

The User has the possibility to block cookies by activating settings on his browser that allows to refuse the installations of all or part of the cookies. This possibility can be found in general in the "Internet options", "advanced settings" or even "preferences" sections.


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