Taking body temperature is an act that we often practice when we feel sick or when it happens to a loved one, child, spouse or parent. The body temperature is constant (37°C) and must be so for our body to function normally. If the temperature rises, it means that something is not working normally. It is therefore essential that the measurement of our body temperature is accurate. To be precise, three basic parameters must be respected:

  • That the place where we take the temperature is reliable
  • That the thermometer used is well adjusted or calibrated
  • That the thermometer is well used

The Triple Sensor thermometer from the Précitech range has three sensors, one measuring the distance from the forehead, the other the ambient temperature and the third, the body temperature. It calculates quickly taking into account these three data and gives an accurate temperature. Few thermometers have this accuracy.

The Mini D is a pocket thermometer that is very easy to use. It measures the temperature when it is placed on the forehead between the two eyes. Well used, it will give you an accurate temperature. Its size will make it a travel companion that you can take anywhere, its weight of a few grams will never bother you. A coloured indicator tells you if the temperature is normal or high. The Mini D is unique and is a great success with the public.

Doctors often measure temperature with an ear thermometer, proof of the accuracy and speed of this measurement. The Clin'Ear thermometer from Précitech is a device developed very recently, of state-of-the-art technology. Fast, accurate with memory, its screen changes color according to the measured temperature. No need to change the probe, it is washable and reusable at will.

In the range of more traditional thermometers, for axillary or rectal use, Précitech offers an adult thermometer and a model specially designed for children, both have flexible tips.

For our seniors who read less well or those who want a color diagnosis, the "Large Screen" will be perfect. Ultra-precise, it makes it very easy to read the temperature taken and the screen changes color according to the measured temperature level.


The Covid pandemic has reminded us, washing our hands or even disinfecting them is an increasingly imperative necessity. Avoiding an infection is sometimes vital. Before Covid, the flu and even food poisoning reminded us that viruses circulate everywhere.

MainClean is a hydroalcoholic gel whose formula is antivirus, anti-bacteria and anti-fungal (or anti-fungal). To avoid having too dry hands and damaging the skin, we have added Aloe Vera or allantoine, two highly moisturizing components.

Offered in professional (1 liter), family (500 ml) or individual (75 ml) format Mainclean is a product made in France according to european and French standards in force.