Presentation Plic

Plic is the sound of a drop of rain on a window, on a roof. Plic means that we are sheltered from rain, bad weather; that we are dry, safe, protected and comfortable with an interior. Plic has become our emblem and then our brand of health products that we have developed for your safety and comfort.

Audio Plic

What could be more aggressive for the ear than noises and sounds that are too intense. What could be more unpleasant and dangerous for the health of our ears than the prolongation or repetition of those untimely decibels that hit our eardrums. Sometimes we even go to these toxic intensities for the organ of hearing when we go to a nightclub, discotheque or other concert.

To protect the ears, put on a protective plug lacks style, and far from being "fun". In addition, we do not even hear the neighbor or girlfriend slip a word in our ears. True! Plic Audio has what you need: a translucent earplug with selective filter. This plug is almost not visible and greatly reduces harmful noises while letting speech pass. Designed specifically to fit the ear canal perfectly, audio Plic plugs with filter protect your ears and do not give a feeling of confinement or isolation. Different filters are adapted to different situations in life. DIY earplugs, earplugs for sleeping, pool earplugs, evening earplugs... You are bound to find the hearing protection you need. For those who often lose them, a resistant case or a hyper flexible cord are at your disposal.

For the more classic and those who want maximum protection, Foam and silicone caps are also part of our Plic Audio range.

Plic Care

With Plic it is good to be "warm" and that our little ones are too, relaxed and ready to fall asleep. Our plush hot water bottles with ceramic beads or silicone beads warm the most chilly. For older children, water bottles are dressed in efficient and washable covers. Heating or cooling pad, lumbar scarf and belt, you will also find medical devices to relieve your pain.

When it comes to treatment with medication, it's not always easy to know which one to take, when and how much. We have decided to accompany you by offering you pretty pill boxes so as not to forget to take tablets. The Plic Care Pill Boxes are for you: weekly pill boxes, daily pill boxes, pill boxes for sachets. We've also designed accessories like a cutter and tablet grinder to help you take these drugs that are too big for you.

Plic Beauty

Comfort and well-being is also and above all feeling "good about yourself". For this, we must take care of our body and its aesthetics. Some cleanings require precision and accessories as precise: you are at Plic beauty. Not just bathroom items, Plic beauty is much more: beautiful – full of colors, solid – all in stainless steel, real ceramic and crystal, and eco-responsible – washable and reusable.

Discover further the collection Plic beauty for adults and children.

Enjoy your visit to the "cozy" world of Plic.