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    Water bottle plush child

    • Hot water bottle with soft hair.
    • Practical, removable and machine washable.
    • 8 hours of heat.
    • Ultra soft natural heat resistant rubber.
    • Capacity of 0.8 L.
    • Knit way.

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    A comforting water bottle for your child:

    This plush water bottle is the perfect gift for your child! Its natural rubber is excellent for resisting heat. The plush provides long-lasting warmth and maintains well-being during the coldest nights. Both warming and pleasant thanks to its soft bristles, it soothes muscles and pains.

    This children's hot water bottle with a knitted rabbit pattern is the ideal companion for your children.

    Practical and easy to handle, it can easily be stored in a school bag to accompany children throughout the day.

    This cuddly hot water bottle will comfort baby during his nights by providing him with up to 8 hours of warmth and will relieve his pain. Discover all our hot water bottles for children !

    Usage tips

    • Heat water in the kettle and on the fire.
    • Remove the top of the hot water bottle if necessary and unscrew the cap.
    • Hold the hot water bottle vertically so that the water does not splash then fill it with hot water up to 2/3.
    • Screw the cap tightly and the hot water bottle is ready!

    After use, empty the hot water bottle and let it dry.

    Composition & Specifications

    • Ultra soft and natural rubber hot water bottle to be filled with water (Max capacity 0.8 L).
    • Cover in very soft knitted hair.
    • The cover can be removed and machine washed.

    Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months due to the risk of burns. Do not put in microwave or traditional oven. Do not leave the hot water bottle to heat up unattended. Make sure it is warm before placing it on the child's body.

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