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Dry itchy eyes, allergies, what to do ?

Tingling, tightness, watery eyes … You know that unpleasant feeling whether it's because of allergies, fatigue or because a dust gets in your eyes?

The first reflex is to rub the eyes, but by doing so we add new bacteria...

Discover our tips to overcome this eye discomfort and avoid it.

What is dry eye and how to recognize it?

It is caused by poor quality or decreased tear production. This is because your tear glands do not produce enough tears on the surface of the eye. Made up of water and fat, our tears act as a thin protective layer in front of the cornea. This thin layer prevents external aggressions such as dust or bacteria. Without these tears, our eyes are dry and cause discomfort and irritation. Dry eyes manifest themselves in different ways depending on the individual. Tingling, sandy eyes, stuck eyelids... These are the most common symptoms.

What causes dry eyes?

With pollution, new technologies and air conditioning, our eyes have an increasing tendency to become dry. Several factors can be at the origin of this dryness:

  • Age: as we age, our tears become less and less consistent because our tear glands atrophy.
  • Air conditioning and ventilation.
  • The smoke.
  • Prolonged contact lens wear.
  • Blue light from screens.
  • Pollution.

How to relieve dry eyes?

Discover how to fight against dry eyes through our various tips :

  • Use of a moisturizing eye drop: it will moisturize the eyes and provide comfort to relieve and prevent dryness.
  • Let your eyes rest: It is important to close your eyes for a few minutes, several times a day, to let them rest.
  • Choose glasses over contact lenses during the dry eye period.
  • Wear blue light goggles if you are looking at the screen to protect and relieve your eyes from this harmful light. If you're going out, don't forget your category 3 or higher sunglasses.
  • Apply warm compresses to the eyes.

What is a moisturizing eye drop?

A moisturizing eye drop is a product specifically designed to relieve dry eyes. Artificial tears can be purchased without a prescription at a pharmacy, or online.

Moisturizing eye drops Hydrolarm :

is ideal for soothing and providing freshness and moisture to irritated eyes. This ocular lubricant is presented in the form of a measuring bottle and allows an easy and precise application. Its rich composition enriched in hyaluronic acid and distilled waters of camomile and cornflower, will bring comfort and will relieve your eyes durably

When can Hydrolarm eye drops be used??

Thanks to its composition close to that of our tears, this eye lubricant can be used as often as necessary, and at any age.

No more eye discomfort with Hydrolarm!

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